Fees & Interest Rate Information

Interest rate, penalty and service fee Hire Purchase Leasing
1. Effective interest rate Interest rate
2. Penalty 3% per year
Government agency fees and expenses
1. Hire perchase stamp duty 0.1 % of hire-purchase amount
(including down payment)
2. Machinery / Vehicle registration fee Actual cost as specified by the Department of Industrial Work / Department of Land Transport
Service fee charged by external outsource
1. Machinery / Vehicle registration service fee Actual cost as informed by the external outsource
Expense for Machinery registration
2. Machinery / Vehicle transfer of ownership services fee
3. Service fee (if any) Charge on case by case basis
Other expense
1. Returned cheque fee 200 Baht / cheque / time


1. ADLC reserved the right to change interest rate, penalty, service fee and other expense without prior notice

2. Fee and other service fee are exclude VAT (if any)

3. Government agency fees and expenses are subject to the Government agency’s annoucement

4. Fees, other services fee and other expenses (if any) other than the above mentioned will be charged on actual basis

5. Interest rate (MLR) is subject to BAY’s notification

6. From April 1, 2021  Company charges a penalty for defaulting on the basis of the principal of the default payment. At an interest rate of 3% per annum, unless otherwise provided by law